Week 7 Story: Finding a Wife for King Josh

Once upon a time, there was a young Prince named Chris. Chris had just experienced the death of his father, Douglas, and was starting to feel the pressure of his upcoming position to take the throne. Although Chris adored his father and everything he had done for the Kingdom of Marten, he was not sure taking over and being a ruler was what he desired. He was the only full-blood heir to the throne, however, he had a half brother that was 2 years younger than him. The half brother, Josh, had been conceived when Douglas had taken a second wife besides Chris's mother. Josh was the opposite of Chris and had always thought he would make a great King even though the throne did not belong to him. Despite having different mothers, Chris and Josh had always been extremely close and did everything together.

After much consideration, Chris decided to abdicate his claim to the throne in order to let Josh take place as King over Marten. Josh was honored by the opportunity his brother had prese…

Extra Credit Reading Notes PDE Mahabharata Part A


- Bhisma gives his half brother the throne
- Decides he needs to find a suitable wife for him
- Bhisma steals the three daughters of Benares for his brother
- Amba is denied by the king and is sent away from the city
- Amba becomes angry with Bhishma for putting her in the situation and desires for his destruction
- Shiva tells Amba she will destroy Bhishma after taking on a new body
- Pandu takes the throne after no heir is born unto Vichitravirya
- Pandu is cursed by a brahmin and told he would die in the arms of a wife
- Pandu is fearful and goes to live in solitary
- Pandu passes away as he was told and his wife Madri is burned with him
- Duryodhana is jealous of the power Bhima possesses

The Pandava Brothers

Bibliography: Amba by Sister Nivedita

Reading Notes PDE Mahabharata Part D


- Krishna sends Arjuna to slay Bhishma but he refuses
- Bhishma is prepared to fight against Arjuna
- Bhishma cannot fight against a woman so he is slain by
- Arjuna is very sorrowful that Bhishma is dying by his doing
- Everyone sorrows over the fallen Bhishma
- Bhishma begs Duryodhana to release his stolen kingdom in order to restore peace
- Duryodhana hates the Pandavas even more
- Drona now takes over after Bhisma dies
- Drona is slain by the Pandava general

Bhisma talks to the Pandava family

Bibliography: Bhisma Falls by Donald Mackenzie

Reading Notes PDE Mahabharata Part C

- Pandava family
- Krishna
- Arjuna
- Indra
- Varuna
- Yama
- Kubera

- The Pandavas start to live in the woods
- they encounter many seasons of tithing as well as strong storms
- Krishna comes to visit the Pandava family in the woods
- Krishna tells them things will get better as they express their sorrow
- the Pandavas remain angry and upset at Duryodhana
- Arjuna goes alone to a mountain in order to fast and pray
- he sets out on a journey to the Himalayas
- Arjuna has a vision and encounter with God
- Arjuna is given many gifts and celestial weapons
- Arjuna stays in his father's city for 5 years
- most importantly a diadem that exalts great power from his father after facing demons

Arjuna uses His Celestial Weapons

Bibliography: Arjuna and Indra by Donald Mackenzie

Week 6 Story.. The Revengeful Prince

Once upon a time, there was a Princess named Annabelle. Anabelle was said to be the most beautiful girl anyone had ever seen before, with her long blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes. Naturally, she had many suitors. Every Prince wanted to be worthy oh her hand in marriage. Prince's would come from all over the area in order to try to win over her heart but she never could find the right one. They would offer her power, wealth, huge castles, but none of these things appealed to Annabelle, she wanted someone who would simply care for her and love her not just for her beauty.

One day, a Prince came along that seemed different than the rest. Prince Aaron was not like the other princes. He did not have a large castle or tons of money, he didn't try to woo her with material things, he simply spent time with her and told her how he would never forget how special she was if she chose him.

And so it was, Annabelle chose Prince Aaron to have her hand and be her one true love. They spe…

Reading Notes: Mahabharata Part B

Vindura: brother of  Pandu, not eligibe for king
Prince Duryodhana: evil prince
Bhima: brother

- Vindura and family are in danger and he fears something is going to happen to them
- he attempts to be wise and aware of his surroundings
- Vindura starts to build a secret passage underground into the forest to escape the evil attempt
- The fire is set and consumes innocent villagers
- Bhima fights a rakshasa in order to protect everyone and ultimately wins
- Yudhishthira marries the rakshahsa and Bhima and they end up happy together upon a mountain
- Pandavas remain in hiding, still in fear

The Pandavas escape the fire

Bibliography: House of Fire by C.A. Kincaid

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