Biography: Mexico

This past January I had the best vacation to Mexico. I took a cruise with my family to Cozumel and had the best experiences that I will never forget. My favorite thing that I did was swim with stingrays. I thought I would be more nervous than I was, but once I was in the water with them for a few minutes I got more comfortable. At first, I would try to avoid them and stay as close to the boat as possible. But, eventually, I even decided to kiss a stingray and feed them. It was an experience I will always remember.

Kissing the Stingray, photo by my dad

Note: I used the vacation prompt from the suggested and chose to write about my recent vacation. Just a short story about one of my favorite experiences.

Microfiction: The Roomates

It is crazy to think about everything that happened this semester. I never thought I would not be talking to my own roommate.

Grace had been talking about me behind my back and I found out last week. I haven't talked to her since, even though she has tried. I could not believe she thinks that I am stealing her friends from her when we are all best friends.

Girls telling Secrets, Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

Author's Note: I wrote these microfictions talking about an encounter between two roommates. One is a two-sentence and the other a dribble. I enjoy writing short microfictions that leave the reader to decide what they think.

Biography: Max

My very first pet was better than I had ever imagined. Growing up me and my sisters begged and begged my mom for a dog but were never successful. Eventually, when I was 12, my mom finally caved. Next, came Max. Max was not like any ordinary dog. He is a Labrador Retriever mix and I think he is the cutest dog I have ever seen. Max is so cuddly, he will always be there when you need a hug. He is my best companion and always sits right next to me in the living room. Max has bee there as I cry over a boy and been there when I lost my grandpa. I cannot imagine my life without Max.

My dog Max, photo by Me

Note: I wrote this story about my dog, Max. It was just supposed to be short and cute and just talk a little about how he has impacted me growing up.

Reading Notes: Bengali Folktales Part B

- Sankchinni
- a Brahman

- the ghost Sankchinni lives near an embankment where a Brahman lives
- Sankchinni attacks the Brahman's wife and chokes her until she is almost dead
- Sankchinni puts on the clothes of the woman and returns to the house pretending to be her
- the mother becomes suspicious of the new change in her daughter in law
- an exorcist is sent to the house to remove the ghost
- they determine it is a ghost by burning turmeric
- the exorcist removes the ghost from the woman's body and retrieves her from the tree

The Ghost by the River by Warwick Goble

Bibliography: A Ghostly Wife by Rev. Lal Behari Day

Reading Notes: Folktale of Bengal Part A

- Sani
- Lakshmi
- Sribatsa
- Chintamani

- Sani and Lakshmi argue that they are both in a higher rank than the other
- Sribatsa, a human, is determined as the one to decide this feud
- Sani is outraged at being placed on a silver stool and fled
- Sribatsa and Chintamani leave their house and travel by ferry
- the mattress and ferryman are blown away and all of their valuables are gone

Sribatsa and Chintamani Leave the House by Warwick Goble

Bibliography: The Evil Eye of Sani by Lal Behari Day

Biography: Corona and Birthday

I sit and wonder why this is happening and what will come of everything. Not only did I lose the second half of my junior year, but I now will be spending my twenty-first birthday in quarantine. Which is not exactly what I had in mind when I imagined that day for twenty-one years of my life. I am hoping that it will still be fun and I know my family will do everything they can to make me have a good day but it is hard not to be sad. At this point, I have to assume everything happens for a reason and realize there is a bigger picture.

Birthday Cake, Photo by Deva Williamson on Unsplash

Note: I wrote this about my upcoming birthday that I will be spending in quarantine and shared some of the thoughts I am having.

Microfiction: The Birthday

I looked into the mirror and couldn't believe the day was finally here. I had waited for this day for so long.

As I sat down at my vanity, I was excited beyond words to get ready for tonight. I put my laptop on my bed and played my birthday playlist. I did my makeup and put on the outfit I had picked out. Now time for my twenty-first birthday party.

Makeup Vanity, Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash

Author's Note: I wrote a two-sentence story and a dribble. Both are related to my upcoming birthday but it is interesting because you would not know what the special day was from just the two sentences but the dribble has a little more detail but still vague.